Pure jewels

Pure jewels

Pure jewels novomatic

Pure jewels pure game of various forms of gems. Not all novomatic symbols present only fruits. But novomatic also presents a very beautiful and shiny symbol. Who can resist the sparkle of a shiny diamond plus its beautiful color makes all women want to have it.

The presence of beautiful gems with a variety of touches makes gamers curious about the game form of pure jewels. The form of the game is not half-hearted, very beautiful and shiny, making the eyes unable to see. Has a 5 roll shape with a beautiful diamond symbol. The value of the victory that will be obtained by gamers really cannot be counted, can be played repeatedly until the game credit runs out.

Beautiful and sparkling symbol

Efectoespejo – The shape of the gems on the game screen is very interesting. Each color has a different shape so gamers will be confused about every symbol that is present. This slot game that will give you an infinite winning value can also be started from left to right. It is said that getting unlimited wins also has a way to win a lot with symbol values.

As you know, this game entitled Pure Jewels is a game that presents symbols of diamonds and gems. The scattered symbols will form a value and make gamers win easily. There are 243 ways to win this diamond game. The shape of symbols in games such as: belan which has a variety of shapes in addition to the many color choices available on the game screen.

Game info

Not only diamonds, there are still crystal balls, wild writings and snow diamonds that become scatters, and many more game symbols that gamers can find in pure jewels. Still curious about the pure jewels symbols? Gamers can directly enter the game info. There are many types of information that gamers can get from the number of symbols to the number of symbol values.

beautiful and elegant//lots of diamonds

In writing wild will be the main symbol where wild can replace other symbols except scatter. The scatter itself is obtained from the beautiful and elegant snow diamond symbol. Being present in any position the scatter will still give gamers a beautiful value.

Still want to know the value of the following symbols available values:

– Wild will only replace symbols.

– Crystal balls 3, 4, and 5: 160, 1,600, and 8,000

– Scatter 3, 4, and 5: 80, 400, and 4,000

– Blue hexagon gems, and green irregular triangles 3, 4, and 5: 80, 320, and 1,600

– Blue squares and purple diamonds 3, 4, and 5: 32, 120 and 480

– Orange triangles, and yellow pentagons 3, 4, and 5: 24, 80, and 240

– Deep purple hearts and red ovals 3, 4, and 5 : 16, 48, and 160

To place a bet, gamers must prepare enough money when they want to play the pure jewels game. To place a bet, you can start from a value of 0.40 to 50.00 of the gamer’s bet value. The value that gamers will get when they successfully form the same symbol is 8,000 times. When the symbols form the value the symbols on the game screen will disappear and bring up new symbols again. so each symbol will continue to drop when the formed symbol disappears in the game screen.