positive and negative sides to opening a business with friends

business with friends

The positives and negatives of opening a business with friends

To start a business, of course, we will experience failure so we have to think twice before starting a business. Moreover, doing business with partners or friends will experience no small amount of risk. There are positive and negative sides to opening a business with friends so that we know how to overcome it so that there is no misunderstanding with coworkers.

Starting to open your own business can be said to be not easy because every business we always need the help of others. Working together will make it easier for you to open a business. No need to spend a lot of capital because the business capital is divided into two so that expenses are light.

In addition to helping with business costs, you can also provide assistance such as providing support and helping to solve problems, you can also do both. Every time we run a business with friends or partners, of course there are several sides that we must pay attention to, such as:

Positive side

– trust ( Efectoespejo )

Every belief is certainly not arbitrary because trust is the most important thing. Like trust from family and friends. A trust that is able to build confidence in managing a joint business. Trust does not only come from friends and family but also from your partner as well. Couples who can also help manage the joint business. So that your partner can help and understand every business you live.

– help each other

A lot of work that must be handled by yourself so that you sometimes feel the hassle of taking care of your business. By building a joint business will help you so that the work does not become heavy and light. Opening a joint business can help you in product selection and help solve any existing problems. Assisting in business costs by opening together costs can be divided into two.

In addition to the positive side there is also a negative side in opening a business with friends. On the other hand, it can make the working relationship tense and not peaceful so that there is a thing called stopping working together and becoming opponents in the business world. The following are negative things that you can prevent from misunderstandings:

Can see the situation//Komitmen

– know each other’s bad side friends

Working with friends is certainly very fun so you don’t feel like you are fighting alone. A friend who is always there in good or bad times. But if we know the bad side, of course we can’t act, let alone have become a work partner. So if you know the bad side of a friend, try not to believe it too much.


To build a trust is not easy. It takes many aspects to be able to trust others. Even if you open a joint business, it doesn’t necessarily mean that trust will arise. There will be a sense of suspicion that continues to haunt you and make that sense of trust disappear.


Finding business capital together is difficult and even together is a friend who is the best friend and a friend who never breaks. But it will be different when it comes to the name ego and money. There is a small or big problem that causes the friendship to break up. Differences of opinion are one of the things that can make a relationship tenuous and awkward.


Looking for who is the boss in a joint effort also triggers a negative side. When we start together, of course we don’t have a problem because every problem can be overcome together. But what about the leadership who is entitled to? Because being a leader proves you are strong.